Disconnect in the Classroom

Today, on twitter, I found myself reading through a somewhat comical conversation among a few edu-twitterers/teachers/researchers concerning the compiling of education research:  Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead) made a comment that these compilations must help because most teachers would not be able to search for this information via researcher’s names.  I agreed and commented that most teachers... Continue Reading →

On My Soapbox

We’re covering developmental psychology in class...you know, from womb to tomb.  When introducing the unit, I pose the following questions to the class:  What is the best age?  When is life at its best?  When does one live the “time of their life”?  A few students choose years during toddlerhood due to the fact that... Continue Reading →

The Teaching Method Doesn’t Define the Classroom

Teacher A:  Tell me about your class. Me:  Well, I use mainly direct instruction and really focus on learning strategies to help students retain information. I immediately feel judged.  As teaching methods go, I increasingly find myself in the minority.  I’m “old-school”.  My desks are in rows.  For the most part, I lecture.  There’s almost... Continue Reading →

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