Speaking and Writing

If you are interested in having me speak at an event, write for your blog/website, and/or review chapters or books, please feel free to contact me at abharvard@gmail.com.

Topics of specialization for writing/speaking:

-Implementation/application of cognitive psychology and learning strategies in the classroom (retrieval practice, spaced practice, dual coding, interleaving, etc.)

-Why is evidence needed in classroom practices?

-Teachers taking control of their PD

-Popular myths of education (learning styles, learning pyramid, etc.)

-Teacher’s use of social media for the classroom and/or PD

-How/Why teachers should blog

-Common cognitive and social biases in the classroom


I have worked in an advisory capacity with the U. S. Department of Education, ISTE, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Institute of Education Sciences, Deans for Impact, COGx, and UWorld. If you are interested in the assistance of a seasoned classroom teacher, please contact me at abharvard@gmail.com.

Blake Harvard CV

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