Why Effortful Educator?

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That is a big question with a somewhat complex answer…

Learning takes effort…well, most of it; especially “school learning” or mostly crystallized intelligence.  I created this page to discuss and highlight important articles and research in the area of cognitive psychology; particularly those writings that discuss learning strategies and methods to improve memory and/or the physical and mental environments of learning.

My intention is to provide a space where research, ideas, strategies, etc. can be seen and easily applied in the classroom environment.  Ultimately, those learning strategies that are most effective should be used in the classroom.  I want to disseminate what can be somewhat complex research in a very easily understood manner so that students benefit.

A secondary benefit of Effortful Educator is a place where teachers can comment and learn from each other.  All educators who are worth their salt want to learn from others doing bigger and better.  I hope this is a place where bigger and better becomes tangible and applicable.

Also, the learning strategies that are researched and tested by cognitive psychologists are lasting and mostly effective to a wide range of students.  I know we’ve all been privy to a new policy or district-wide initiative that lasts for a semester or maybe the entirity of the school year; only to be given a new policy or initiative the next year.  The strategies proposed and vetted by cognitive psychologists are not fads; they are tactics that can positively effect most lessons with very little planning time invested.  Quite simply, they help the student remember and learn.

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