Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I fear we’re doing it wrong...education, that is. We live at a time when 21st century skills and edtech are all the rage. Creativity, coding, and active learning have become mainstays of teacher professional development. Heck, even the current US Secretary of Education incorrectly believes that we are preparing most students for jobs that haven’t... Continue Reading →

I Just Want to Have a Conversation

*This is basically a glorified footnote of my post earlier today -- On Being Wrong...you may want to read it first...or maybe not.  Whatever. Setting the scene: You’ve worked hard at university for four, five, or maybe six years to earn your teaching degree. There was a semester of student teaching, where you were essentially... Continue Reading →

Progressively Traditional

Today, I’m meeting with some pretty big names in education, technology, and social media and I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous. If you’ve followed my writing the past two years or so, you know I’m not the most progressive thinking educator. I’m of the opinion we sometimes make learning and education much more difficult than it... Continue Reading →

2 Evidence-Based Learning Strategies

The following article originally featured on Edutopia January 23, 2018 at the following link:  https://www.edutopia.org/article/2-evidence-based-learning-strategies Spaced and retrieval practice help students retain content and give them a sense of what they know—and what they don’t. I often say to my students, “If a test is the first time you’re made to think about or with the class material,... Continue Reading →

Effective Debate in Edchats

I’ve been on the blogging scene for just over a year.  Due to my beliefs on what education should look like, what it should represent, and how it should be conducted, I find myself generally agreeing mostly with educators in the UK.  This is a little odd, due to the fact that I live in... Continue Reading →

365 Days As A Blogger

Exactly one year ago today, my first ever blog article was published by the wonderful researchers/educators, The Learning Scientists.  Since that day, I’ve had the bug...the reading research-writing-learning-growing bug.  It’s been an amazing journey so far.  A world of education, that I never knew existed, has been exposed to me and it’s changed everything about... Continue Reading →

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